Part time!

Today is the 4th day for my part time job. i am not reveal this yet and this is the first time and exclusive for you! hihi.. iam working as part time promoter at The Store Sg Buloh at men`s clothes department. im working for Texan`s brand. jean, t-shirt, short and other stuff. its hard to convince people to buy stuff in higher price unless if they really did not care the prices. but it such a good feeling because many of them come with their family and we can see that some of them have really happy and sporting family. it is nice to see that. Indian, chinese, malay and any foreigners come to this store. i enjoy doing this job but one major problem for me is Solat. It is really hard to perform my pray because they did not give us time to pray. i have to do something about this. or maybe i will quit from this job because there is no point for me to earn extra money by neglecting my religion and my responsibily as muslim. Allah, help me to get through this hard time..Aaminnn.

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Hany said...

hi... nak extra income?
just call me Hany 0163442274