First time!

Dear friends,

I am very happy to see the first advertisement from Nuffnang pop out from this second blog of mine! it was like, oo wow. finally, this blog get its own advertisement. since i started this blog, i just make this blog like "anak tiri". huhu.. dont be sad ok my blog. this is the right time for me to keep updating this blog. u know what, i just only want to use english language for this blog. For your information, my grammar and my english was not so bad and not so good. i just in the middle. but nowadays, english language become very important especially in interview session to get a job. if you have the capability to speak well in english, you will get extra mark you know and your value will increasing like crazy. haha.. but for me now, english language is important in presentation cause im furthering my study to master level. i always amaze with people who speak in english fluently. i try once talking with friends and even mf bf in english, but it only for a while. then, we will back to normal. speak in malay. thats why, its hard for me to have a power in speaking english. owh, its already 12.55 am and its time for me to go to bed and have a nice sleep and sweet dreams. hope you all too.. see you! bubye...=)

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