9 hours standing and smiling!

Dear friends,

Today is the 5th day of my part time job and the first time i was standing there welcome people to our shop. its not what we call shop, its just some part of that level. in the corner of the level. my leg feel very "lenguh". i feel like want to straight away to reflexology for treatment. i really tired today. but today also the first day that many people come to buy clothes from our brand. i feel very happy and berbaloi-baloi. such a great day today. although, iam not really master in doing this job, but i got customer. hoyeh2! they all really have plenty of money bcoz they buy an expensive and branded clothes. iam so jelous with them. it is really easy for them to take out their money and just buy the wanted clothes. uuu... when i can be like them? i am wondering.0_0..
oh, i guess thats only for today. Gud nite and gud sleep! bubye..=)

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